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Clients contact Flourishing Culture Consultants, LLC when their organizations are struggling. Perhaps they have a new initiative and it’s failing to produce the desired results. Or, they have “people” issues — a lackluster management team, a disengaged workforce or interdepartmental conflicts. We offer the following assessment, tools and customized interventions, which help an organization transition from its current state to the desired state, a high-performing organizational culture where its people flourish and grow.






New Offering Mindfulness at Work: From the Inside Out. 

In today’s workplace, we have developed ways of working that are counterproductive and stressful. Organizations want high performers but set standards that undermine people’s ability to do their best work. Under constant pressure to perform at optimum levels, meet unrealistic deadlines, do more with less and be available 24/7, employees become apathetic and depleted overtime. You’ve heard that implementing mindful practices help combat workplace stressors but where do you even start? This workshop teaches the benefits of mindfulness and provides practical applications. You’ll get tools to help your workforce make more mindful and intentional choices, which improve interactions and working relationships. Participants walk away with simple, mindful strategies that pave the way toward a happier, more productive and fulfilling work life.



One-Day Flourishing Culture Assessment. 

This dynamic and interactive workshop features a streamlined approach to get the data you need to effect change. Designed to reboot and refresh your organization’s culture, this one-day event provides both quantitative and qualitative data.  The Six S Flourishing Culture Survey supplies the quantitative data. It has 30 items, which fall within one of six cultural dimensions. This quantitative data while valuable is limited in its ability to explain how people truly feel about working in the organization. That’s why qualitative data is gathered through activities designed to surface people’s experiences, observations and stories about the way work is done. The workshop is co-facilitated by a graphic recorder, who captures the findings of the group and helps the group process its learnings. The workshop ends with the group coming to agreement about the key issues that need to be addressed.





Inwardly-Focused Outwardly-Effective Leadership® Workshop: Five Practices.

Today’s organization asks a lot of its managers.  In addition to running the business, they need advanced people skills and the ability to facilitate change.  There are countless books written and classes offered on the topic of leadership. Yet, many don’t go deep enough. This workshop puts forth the notion that leaders need to do internal work if they want to be outwardly-effective. This premise is presented and supported by organizational development thought and the latest research in the field of neuroscience. 

The workshop is designed to maximize the participants’ learning experience. Concepts are presented and processed through exercises and activities.  Participants leave the event with a greater understanding of the work they need to do and clearly defined next steps.

Inwardly-Focused Outwardly-Effective Leadership® Workshop and Journal.

This workbook is offered as a companion piece to the Inwardly-Focused Outwardly-Effective Workshop.  It is designed for those who are new to leadership as well as those who want to develop existing capabilities. It is not prescriptive. It doesn’t advocate a certain leadership style and provide case studies and a list of “do’s” and “don’ts.” Rather, it makes the case that leaders need to do internal work, which in turn, transforms them and heightens their ability to be the leaders they want to be. The workbook contains short, conceptual essays followed by activities. These carefully crafted activities help readers apply the concepts in real-time settings so they can hone their leadership capabilities.




Principles and Practices to Effect Positive, Sustainable Change.

A considerable amount of time and energy is expended to effect change in organizations.  Yet, many of these initiatives fail to produce the desired results.  This workshop shares best practices and offers a framework to help participants think through their strategies for change.  Diagnostic tools are utilized to facilitate the process of taking a “deep dive” into the organization’s culture. Through the use of these tools and the principles shared, participants leave with an understanding of the many factors that are necessary to create positive, sustainable change.   



Work Through – Work Out – Work Together Workshop.

How would you rate the interpersonal relationships in your organization? Are they positive and productive or are they problematic? And if they are problematic, how do these less than desirable interactions impact open communication, collaboration, morale, trust and organizational effectiveness? A flourishing culture can’t function on the assumption, “These things will work themselves out.” Instead, it values its people and understands, “We need to carve out the time right now to address what’s undermining our effectiveness.”  This workshop draws upon what is known about the brain to make the case that people tend to be negative. It teaches the Negative Communication Loop Tool© to help participants understand the role they play in keeping negativity in place.  Additionally, the participants are led through activities, which create the realization they have a choice in how they respond.  Participants leave the workshop with tools to help them in their interactions and personal commitments to show up differently. 



Living With Renewed Purpose Workshop

Your children have left home.  Your career is winding down. You have  a yearning to be doing something more with your life but you don’t known know how to get started or even what to do.  If this describes your situation, then this three-hour workshop is for you.  It includes a mixture of content delivery, drawing upon the latest research in the field of positive psychology; and activities, which facilitate your discovery process.  You will leave the workshop feeling uplifted and ready to work on your action items.



Customized Workshop Building Blocks. 

The following topics can be presented as “lunch and learns” or motivational speeches.  Or, they can be combined into a longer workshop.  

Driving Your Culture (before it drives you)

Have you struggled with new initiatives that have failed to produce the desired results? This workshop teaches the Cultural Deep Dive© exercise, a diagnostic tool that helps the group determine the cultural root cause which undermines the implementation of new policies and procedures.


Building a Better Team

How well are your teams functioning? This workshop shares five conditions, which are foundational for high-performing teams. Using these conditions, the group is lead through a discovery exercise so they can identify and address any gaps that undermine their team’s effectiveness.


Honing Your Communication Skills

We have numerous electronic devices that are designed to expedite communication but we are not better communicators. This interactive session teaches two skills: active listening and asking good questions. It is largely experiential, giving the participants the opportunity to hone these important skills.