Flourishing Culture


“I liked learning how to take mindfulness into the process of observation, assumption and reaction as a way to get better results.”

Lisa Westerfield

“We hired Joyce this summer to help our Board recalibrate.  Joyce worked diligently with us, helping us to look at our strengths, weaknesses, present opportunities and threats and then inviting us to spend an evening working on two areas of our choosing.  Joyce guided the process, inviting Board members to plan some areas of future development.  In the workshop, Joyce offered some important input about teams and facilitated a good deal of active participation among Board members. We left the meeting feeling energized and poised to put our plans into action.  We also hope to invite Joyce back for more ‘fine tuning.'”

Susan McCarthy, RDC, SHORE Board President


“I am so grateful for the talents and experience Joyce brought to our group.  The activity she led us through was eye-opening.  It helped me development more empathy and respect for my co-workers.”

Sara Waxman, Friends Publishing Group

“Joyce recently led a captivating workshop on active listening for our firm. I’d highly recommend her to businesses looking to better communication and culture. Her passion for her work is apparent and it’s clear she enjoys helping other people be their best by giving the best of herself. We can’t wait to have her back in for other seminars!”

Filomena Fanelli, CEO, IMPACT PR & Communications


“Joyce lead an outstanding workshop for my team!  She makes it look so effortless!”

John L., Manager, Utility

“Joyce’s method is excellent because she doesn’t merely offer a cookie cutter plan, but works to identify what specifically matters to her client. The plan we worked through felt like my own; and she had the skill and intelligence to help me hold myself accountable to the work. Each time after we spoke, I felt as if I was in good hands, in part because I was shown how I could improve my own competence.

Previously I wondered about the use of coaches. Since working with her, I think everyone can benefit from a skilled practitioner who understands the complexity of the work place and their own needs. Her work with me was enormously fruitful, and her advice continues to have an impact on my daily work. I feel more attentive, conscientious, and simply smarter. She taught me how to do more by opening space to be thoughtful about what’s next. Hiring her was simply one of the best decisions I have made.”

The Rev. Dr. Gawain de Leeuw, OA, St. Bartholomew’s Church

“We were so very grateful to have had Joyce lead our board meeting last month.  We are a strong (school) board with many talented people but needed assistance regarding organization and vision. Joyce accepted the challenge and infused direction and created a fertile environment for idea generation and consensus, that vastly exceeded our expectations. Within three hours, Joyce guided us through a process that began with fragments and ended with a solid structure from which we could begin to implement our ideas and move the school down the road to its next destination. We needed an external voice but one that would understand our school and the type of experience we are trying to foster for our students  and the community we are trying to make available to prospective families. Joyce took the best of what the board had to offer, preserved it but then challenged us to take a close look at some of our blindspots. Joyce has a wonderful way about her: attentive, kind, earnest and inspiring. I would absolutely hire Joyce in the future for any number of team or vision building exercises!  Thank you Joyce, your friends at CFS.”

Mike Martocci, Connecticut Friends School Board


“Joyce has so much to offer and she does it all so well.  She cares so much for people and it shows in her work.”

Grace Rieger, City of Hope National Medical Center

“Joyce Schroeder contributed to the success of our conference by providing splendid content with warmth and energy.  She was great!”

Jay Marshall, Dean of Earlham School of Religion


“Our team had the privilege to work with Joyce Schroeder on our workplace culture. As a small nonprofit serving individuals affected by a rare disease, our success as a team has real impact on others. While ours is a strong team, there are definitely areas of conflict that keep us from being as successful as we can be. Joyce was able to help our team clearly identify the key issues that we struggle with and provide us with effective tools on how to deal with them now and in the future.”

Debra V., Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation

“I attended Joyce’s workshop on Living Your True Purpose. Not only was it enlightening and inspiring, it’s just plain fun. This class has something for everyone and is for any stage in life. I can tell you I walked out feeling like a new person and that’s not even the best part. I really liked when we worked in triads and supported each other.  This class is definitely one I would recommend, one I would take again and one that made a difference in a few hours. Joyce is friendly and inspiring. She makes you feel welcome and at home right from the start. Even though it was only three hours, the class had a huge impact on me. I have started to make different and better choices.”

Kelsey Alvarez

“Joyce Schroeder is a dynamic and deeply experienced change agent.  She brings remarkable skills and insights to her work with organizations.”

Henry Hoffmann, retired CEO