Flourishing Culture

Managers and Leaders

January 31, 2019

All too often in organizations, people use the terms “leader” and “manager” interchangeably. To me, this is problematic. Managers and leaders are not the same thing. There are different skillsets associated with each role. What’s the distinction? Managers manage things and leaders lead people. Today’s organization asks its managers to be leaders. They have increased their spending in leadership development. Nevertheless, a study done by Brandon Hall found that 75% of organizations view these programs as ineffective. Based on my observations, part of their ineffectiveness stems from their language being imprecise. A workshop advertised as “leadership” training focuses on the implementation of a new management system. This as compared to true leadership training, which teaches emotional intelligence and a growth mindset and asks people to look in the mirror. Organizations need to set clear expectations. If they want leaders, they need to get clarity about what this looks like and work towards cultivating the desired behaviors.

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