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We Don’t Live in an AC World

October 27, 2017

We don't live in an AC world and yet we manage as if we do.  And when I write AC, I am not referring to air conditioning.  AC are two parts of cognitive behavioral therapy:  Activating Event and Consequences.  What's missing is B or Beliefs.  The underlying concept of cognitive behavioral therapy is our brain has cognitive powers.  We store experiences, thoughts and feelings.  What drives what we do is not the Activating Event.  Rather, it's our Beliefs.  We see, think and act ABC: Activating Event-Beliefs-Consequences.  So, why is this important?  All too often, businesses are run with an AC mindset:  They implement a policy, procedure, a corporate initiative and/or management system (Activating Event) and assume everyone will understand its importance and happily comply (Consequences).  This approach overlooks the culture of the organization.  Culture is the shared assumptions and beliefs that are owned by the group and passed down to new members as "the way we work around here." Unless and until an organization addresses the assumptions and beliefs that are not aligned with its new initiatives, it will struggle in its attempts to effect the desired change.

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