Flourishing Culture

Taking Time to Think

September 29, 2017

Recently, I had a client tell me how the process of taking the time to think through a job before moving to action made the job go well. He went on to explain that this was not a common occurrence. Of course, I wanted to know why. He offered, “We are not given the time. We have deadlines to meet.” Sound familiar? As both an external consultant and an ex-employee in Fortune 500 companies, I have found this is fairly typical. Organizations often rush to action without adequate planning.  And no doubt, you, like me, can point to examples of this — where going fast resulted in costly mistakes.  For someone who believes "people count," I look at wasted human capital.  Constant deadlines and excessive “redo’s” contribute to low morale and lack of motivation and undermine a flourishing, high-performing culture. 

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