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Promotional Videos that Work

September 22, 2017


It’s great to see feel-good videos of transformational work done by organizations. I have seen videos produced both by clients with which I have worked and by other companies. They are informative and inspiring. That said, I find some to be misleading. They capture a workshop and suggest there’s a silver bullet: follow our example and you too will change the way you work. Organizational members might “see the light” in a workshop but how is that light kept shining when they go back to a workplace where it's business as usual (e.g., endless meetings, deadlines and demanding schedules)? Transformational change in an organization is messy. It’s not linear. It’s a long-term process and it often fails. I know a four-minute video can’t capture everything but from a pedagogical perspective, I think it more beneficial to get a snapshot of the challenges, the failures and the small wins, that are essential for sustainable change.

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