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If You Got It and It’s Good, Pass It Down

August 22, 2017

I heard a great example of how positive recognition can create a chain reaction in an organization. A friend told me how much she appreciates the constant recognition she receives. She offered, “My manager takes the time out of her busy day to tell me about something good she sees me doing and she encourages me to share these best practices with others.” My friend values this feedback because it is not hollow. She is given time to share her experiences and her knowledge with her peers and her subordinates. This practice has given her exposure in the organization and correspondingly, has built her self-confidence. However, liking her job is a lot more than getting personal recognition. She rates being able to develop the capability of others as one of the key things that makes her job worthwhile. As she talked about her work, I was reminded of a lecture I heard years ago entitled “If you got it and it’s good, pass it down.” How well does your organization pass down what's good?

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