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A Note of Thanks and Gratitude

July 3, 2017

A message given at my Quaker Meeting yesterday reminded me of something important:  we need to take time to express gratitude.

It’s hard to believe but Flourishing Culture Consultants has been in business for one year!   It’s been a year of incredible growtIMG_1182v1h for me and also a year of blessings.  I have been blessed by so many people who have helped me in this journey.  So, I am celebrating my one year in business with a note of thanks.

Thanks to:

  • Lori Quirk, my business coach, who has given me such invaluable counsel
  • Steve Yorke who launched my website
  • Brian McGinnis who in a heartbeat, edits my website
  • Robin Alpern who makes my blogs better
  • Kelsey Alvarez who takes care of Petey and me
  • Fred Dettmer who answers all my legal questions
  • YANA (and especially Lou Martarano) who gave me my first opportunity to present
  • Holly Priebe who hired me to assess the culture of the nonprofit at which she works
  • Purchase Friends Meeting, which has supported me and allowed me to rent the space for my first public events

And last but not least my beloveds:

  • My son, Nathaniel Schroeder, who has helped me with my audio recordings and wrote Mom’s Song
  • My son, Max Schroeder, who gives me nothing but positive acknowledgement for what I am doing
  • Henry Hoffmann, my partner, who listens to me agonize, brainstorms with me, attends all my events and even hangs signs for me, sledgehammer and all.

I owe you all my deepest thanks!

2 Responses to A Note of Thanks and Gratitude

  • We were so very grateful to have had Joyce lead our board meeting last month.  We are a strong (school) board with many talented people but needed assistance regarding organization and vision.  Joyce accepted the challenge and infused direction and created a fertile environment for idea generation and consensus, that vastly exceeded our expecations.  Within 3 hrs, Joyce guided us through a process that began with fragments and ended with a solid structure from which we could begin to implement our ideas and move the school down the road to its next destination.  We needed an external voice but one that would understand our school and the type of experience we are trying to foster for our students . .. and the community we are trying to make available to prospective families.  Joyce took the best of what the board had to offer, preserved it but then challenged us to take a close look at some of our blindspots.  Joyce has a wonderful way about her: attentive, kind, earnest and inspiring.  I would absolutely hire Joyce in the future for any number of team or vision building exercises!  Thank you Joyce, your friends at CFS

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