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Creating Organizational Cultures Where

People Can Flourish and Grow

Flourishing Culture Consultants, LLC®  offers consultative services in organizational culture and leadership. We apply the principles of organizational development and positive psychology to design customized surveys and interventions. We engage an organization by stepping into it, facilitating the important conversations and holding the space for new ideas and ways of working to emerge.  We believe you can’t have a culture of engaged employees if you don’t have a workplace culture where people want to work. Treating people like they count, tapping into their wisdom and energy and unleashing their creativity gets you the desired results — a high-performing, flourishing culture.

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Living Your True Purpose Workshop

March 2, 2020, 6:30 – 9:30pm

Westchester Community College

The consultative relationship starts with a conversation. 
We understand that organizational problems are complex and we enter into the initial conversations with potential clients with little or no knowledge about the internal workings of their firms.  We also know from past experiences that clients often call with a request for specific work without a clear understanding of the problem.  In the early stages of the consultative relationship, we operate from the assumption:  We don’t have the answers.  We only have the questions.  Through thoughtful questioning and active listening, we, both client and consultant, come to clarity about the presenting problem and determine the strategy for change.

Meet Our New Consultant
Jackie Frederick-Berner
Meditation Coach and Mindfulness Facilitator 
  What our clients are saying
“Joyce recently led a captivating workshop on active listening for our firm. I’d highly recommend her to businesses looking to better communication and culture. Her passion for her work is apparent and it’s clear she enjoys helping other people be their best by giving the best of herself. We can’t wait to have her back in for other seminars!”
-Philomena Fanelli, CEO, IMPACT PR & Communications
“Joyce has so much to offer and she does it all so well.  She cares so much for people and it shows in her work.”
Grace Rieger, City of Hope National Medical Center

An organization can’t do as well on the outside if it is not as good as it can be on the inside.” Joyce Schroeder